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Choosing a Piano Moving Company

Whether it’s an upright piano, baby grand, or digital, moving your piano requires special care. Not only is a piano very heavy, it’s also fragile, and the wrong move can damage it beyond repair. Luckily, Nashville has many professional piano movers who can safely and securely transport your instrument.

If you’re planning a move, contact one of these movers¬†Nashville Piano Moving Company for an accurate quote. Pricing will depend on the type of piano you have, how far it needs to go, and access challenges e.g. second floor.

This locally owned and operated company offers residential, commercial, and international moves. They can also pack household items and provide storage solutions. They use protective materials and dollies to ensure your piano arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

While the price may seem steep, hiring a professional is a safe and responsible choice for your piano. Inexperienced movers are more likely to damage the instrument, and they also put your friends at risk of injury. If you have a grand or baby grand, it’s especially important to hire a specialist to avoid costly repairs.

Choosing a Nashville Piano Moving Company

Pianos are extremely heavy, and even smaller versions can weigh over 1,000 pounds. It’s nearly impossible to lift such a large, delicate item on your own without injuring yourself or others. In addition, it’s difficult to maneuver a piano down stairs and around corners safely, making it an even more dangerous move for amateurs.

Nashville Piano Movers

While it’s tempting to save money by attempting to move your piano yourself, the reality is that doing so can be disastrous. Even if you have the muscle, it’s important to consider how much the instrument weighs and how long it will be in transit. Moreover, the process is highly complicated and requires special tools that can handle the weight and height of your piano. Fortunately, uShip connects you with customer-rated piano movers who can help you move your piano safely and reliably. Get started by answering a few simple questions about your shipment, and we’ll match you with vetted professionals who offer competitive rates.

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